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Relaxation & Wellness




Holidays....time to get rid of the stress of everyday life... enjoy the feeling of total relaxation and regain new  & fresh energy!

This is what a good massage can do for you... During your stay at Bed & Breakfast Andalusian Summer you can fully enjoy one of the relaxed (outdoor) massages on offer or undergo a Reiki treatment.....




Maybe you already meditate at home though .... or are you planning this for ages but never seem to have the time... Meanwhile the proven positive effects are well known to a large audience, but still a lot of people can't find a way to integrate a fifteen minutes meditation session each day into their daily lives ... It might be an idea to get acquainted with this during your holidays in a relaxing and noncommittal way. A few times a week you can, early in the morning, join a meditation session on a beautiful spot on the B & B or at one of the beautiful beaches nearby...

Tai Chi Tao


Tai Chi Tao is an Oriental way of movement, also referred to as meditation in motion, and is composed of a series of exercises which are carried out in a specific rhythm. Each movement has an underlying goal, corresponding to the Chinese health education with the ultimate aim to bring mind and body into balance .... The movements are slow and are supported by soft in- and ex halations.

The movements are carried out from the relaxation .... when the mind relaxes, the body follows and the other way round...  you will also experience a greater body awareness. The movements are graceful, gentle, relaxing, meditative. 

Regular exercise creates a better flow of 'chi' within the body. Chi means life energy. You feel calmer, more relaxed, more balanced and more energetic. You can get acquainted with this relaxing form of exercise while you stay in the B&B.




Perhaps you are a beginner or you are already practising yoga for a while... Maybe it is new for you but love to give it a try... On the beautiful Playa Burriana Nerja (10 minutes by car) you are able to participate in a Kundalini yoga session of the Dutch yoga teacher Linda Landstra, 1-3 times a week. A great way to start your day!


    • For a unique spa experience, don't skip the  Hammam Al Andalus in the historic center of Malaga  The interior of the Hammam is a real stimulation for your senses with sensual scents, special lighting, soft water, wood carvings and typical Arabic elements.  The heat of the earth is used to heat the baths in a natural way.  It is wonderful to relax in this Oriental style ... . We can arrange an appointment for you!